Flor y Canto Summer Arts Camp

​The summer arts camp is for children ages 6-15. Children ages 6-12 enjoy music, dance, theater, and art instruction. Youth ages 13-15 receive individual instruction in there choice of genre. 

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​​Intervention Workshops

Youth Genesis provides intervention workshops including 

  • Dropout Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness ​

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Developing Youth Leadership Potential

Art Evolution After School Program

  • Art 
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Tutoring 

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"Developing Youth Leadership Potential"


Youth Genesis Consulting Inc. offers solution focused workshops.  By recognizing youth potential, Youth Genesis focuses on individual assets to promote healthy lifestyles. Youth Genesis utilizes strategies that encourage youth to take advantage of assets, abilities, and strengths that young people need to make good decisions.

Strategies include:
"    Group Process focusing on cultural diversity, communication skills, and team building
"    Individual Guidance for purpose of encouraging self-awareness
"    Guest Presenters
"    School Leadership Projects: Students learn to plan and implement projects benefitting the school
"   Community Leadership Projects: Students conduct assessment of community needs and plan/implement project addressing those needs
"    Mentoring when available

In 2012 Youth Genesis Consulting was awarded a grant by the Department of Family Services to provide Leadership Development to students residing or attending school in the 770081 Zip Code (Gulfton Area)
"    There is no criteria for youth to get involved
"    Youth may be referred by self, teacher, parent, or any school personnel
"    There is no cost to student, or school

Project Overview

The objective of this project is to train kids to take the initiative as every day leaders, in their lives and the lives of others:  Make a difference.
"    This is a 12 to 16 week project. Students must complete 80% of all workshops to be considered successfully completed
"    Students are required to submit a signed parent consent to participate in the program
"    Sessions are 50 to 60 minutes long and are conducted during ancillary periods during the regular school day
"    Students may be divided according to school needs (ex. Grade level, ages, gender, etc)


1.      Introductions, ice breakers, and warm ups
2.      Understanding Leadership
3.      Becoming a leader
4.      Communication
5.      Teambuilding and working with others
6.      Problem solving and decision  making
7.      Understanding power, values, and relationships
8.      Making a difference
9.      Begin working towards a project that benefits their school/community
10.    Select a service learning project
11.    Project Implementation
12.    Finalize Project

*Funded by Department of Family and Protective Services for Children and Adults. Administered by Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults.
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