Developing Youth Leadership Potential

Art Evolution After School Program

  • Art 
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Tutoring 

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I am J.P., I am a very unique and bright student. I'm am the President of the Youth Advisory Council. A little something about me... I have been criticized for some things; I'm doing very good things because of how I look or act, or because I played Football, so people thought I was a jock. Well I'm not, I'm just doing great things. A little something about The Youth Team, we are helping our communities. We Are Our Own Project And We Will Never Be Finished 

I've learned that I have a passion for politics and this is a wonderful experience anyone to have that really can better them and they can also help better their community in the future.

​                                                                                    Vaughn


About Us

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Enhancing the lives of youth through leadership development, solution focused initiatives the promote self awareness, higher education, and professional development.


Youth Genesis Consulting was created in 2008 in response to the growing need for youth and community services to minority communities outside of the central Houston area. The need for dual language services in Houston has always been there. While most services are conducted in English they are available in Spanish when needed. Struggling families deserve to be able to communicate in a language that they understand. Overcoming language barriers is critical for families to communicate their needs effectively and to access appropriate services. Services are provided throughout Harris County in the communities where they are most needed, by utilizing community centers, and schools sites, we ensure that services are available to the communities who lie outside of public transportation routes.

All services are culturally based and available in Spanish and English.

Youth Genesis is a HUB certified minority owned business.


​​Intervention Workshops

Youth Genesis provides intervention workshops including 

  • Dropout Prevention
  • Anger Management
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness ​

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Flor y Canto Summer Arts Camp

​The summer arts camp is for children ages 6-15. Children ages 6-12 enjoy music, dance, theater, and art instruction. Youth ages 13-15 receive individual instruction in there choice of genre. 

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